Brand, Voice, Action!

Your website needs 3 things: a memorable brand, an authentic voice, and the right tools to build joyous momentum.

If you’re missing any one of those, then sweetheart, it will be like walking out of the ladies’ room with your gorgeous dress tucked into the back of your knickers. It’s going to show.

Make ‘Em Notice

How you show up in a sea of sameness determines whether you sink or swim. Try to blend in too much, and you’re instantly forgotten. Try to stand out in a way that not really you, and well, that’s going to be uncomfortable for all of us.

There’s a better way: do the deep self-exploration that reveals what really makes you light up. What makes you come alive holds the keys to the gorgeous, unique, energized brand that will draw the right people to you for all the right reasons.

Make ‘Em Listen

When you really want to hold someone’s attention, you don’t speak like a corporate brochure, you engage from the heart. You intended audience notices the look in your eye, the different tone in your voice, and can’t help but listen.

Engaging your audience through text takes deep honesty, vulnerability, and ruthless editing! But it can be learned with guidance and practice.

Make It Easy

Your choice of tech tools can mean the difference between building joyful momentum as you achieve your goals, or banging your forehead against barbed wire. There is no one-sit-fits-all web tool, because we all have different goals, tech skillz, and levels of patience.

For example, one person may be thrilled to bit with how quick and easy Squarespace is, wherea another will tear her hair out having to change templates for the third time because the one she chose doesn’t have all the functionality that she deems essential.

Choose your tools wisely so that they can love you back. Start with the Website Matchmaker, and sign up to hear about the next launch of Rock Your Website Workshop.