Let’s Make Your Beautiful
Website Together


I’m here to help and inspire you in any way that I can! Whether it’s a large project or just a small task, I can help you achieve the website you’re envisioning, with heaps of tech and moral support along the way.

I’ll help you decide whether WordPress or Squarespace would be a better fit for you, help you understand your authentic brand, write from the heart, and build and maintain a website that you loooooooove.

And if it’s just an annoying little task that’s tripping you up? I can happily do that, too. Let’s remove any blocks to you doing your truest work in the world.

My philosophy in a nutshell:

The more your website reflects your unique spark and the truest version of your message, the bigger and brighter you will show up in the world.

Let’s explore what’s beautiful and true about you and your message, and let’s bring it to life in a way that empowers and emboldens you.

What I hold essential in every website I build:

  • It’s built on a WordPress theme or Squarespace template that has the functionality you need built in, so we don’t need to cobble features together that need a lot of maintenance
  • It’s structured in a clear, intuitive way
  • It works well across browsers and devices
  • It has a clear, compelling message
  • It’s secure (especially important for WordPress)
  • It’s fast
  • It’s very clear to Google what your message is and who you’re trying to reach

Recent Work

Nancy Johnson – Homer Photographer

homer-photography This was an especially fun process, since I was able to be intimately involved from the beginning! I helped Nancy clarify her message and figure out her offerings, and create a brand that is as unique and free-spirited as Homer is itself.

I explored Nancy’s vast collection of photographs to highlight the very best of her work and attract the kind of people she most wants to work with. I built the site from scratch on WordPress, using one of my beloved Thrive Themes.

Here’s what Nancy had to say about the process:

“I feel like Janette really saw me, the way I strive to really see my photography subjects. She explained every step to me thoroughly. She created a website that really feels like me and highlights my best work.

I’m actually excited to send people to my website now, because they get to see the best of my work.

I can’t recommend Janette highly enough. If you get a chance to work with her, jump on it!”


Shauna of the Star

shaunaI adore working with Shauna! So far we’ve worked on small Squarespace, major site architecture restructuring, and sketched out a WordPress spin-off for a section of her site. She’s made most of her site herself, but when she gets stuck or too busy to spend more time on her site, we hop on Zoom to see how I can help.

Nothing makes me happier than to see wonderful people succeed, and I like to assist in any way I can!

Here’s what Shauna says about working with me:

“Over the past four years I have worked with four to five other computer people, who I have given money to in good faith and none have ever completed the projects for various reasons. Enough to say, I have been VERY frustrated, spent over 10,000$ and am leary of ever hiring anyone ever again… until I met Janette.

I can see in Janette an enthusiasm, a clarity and knowledge of technology AND a secure presence to talk me through anything that my wild creative mind takes forever to figure out. She is honest.

She is passionate and has been lovely to work with, making me laugh, which is always a bonus in my book. She delivers what she says she is going to and is very clear on what she is doing, telling me in a concise way, that leaves me feeling confident to let go and let her do the job AND make space for me to work on the other things, which as you know are many task oriented items.

Bottom line, I trust Janette to do what she says she is going to do AND I am planning on working with her a long time. She listens to what I need, believes in me and cares about me. These are the kinds of things I am finding indispensable these days when giving my money to someone who is working for/with me.

Another weird thing is she loves computers and programming…. so strange to me, that this also makes me love her more.”

The Coppertank Grill

Coppertank GrillCoppertank Grill owner Ben Wylie had one audacious goal: triple his large group bookings. He knew he needed a website that loaded quickly onto a cell phone for people who are trading texts about where to go next, and they needed all the relevant info right up front. He also wanted an area to feature the tweets of a rather hilarious bar maid!

I came in and did a photography shoot and brainstorming session for them, and determined exactly what they wanted and how they could get the most out of a tight budget. The result: they doubled their bookings in the first month, and tripled them in only the second month of having their new, sleek website live!

And the bar maid, well, she ran off to Ireland to be with a handsome rugby player. True story.

Here’s what Ben had to say about the experience:

“Janette worked with my tight budget and figured out exactly what we needed to bring in more large groups. The website paid for itself within the first month. I only wish I had done this sooner!…Thanks Janette, for being so easy to work with and knowing exactly what we needed.”


The Soulpreneur’s Journey

This is a labor of love with a dear friend. We’ve been enjoying exploring ways to connect and inspire fellow travelers on this soulful journey of entrepreneurship.

While it’s still very much a work in progress, it’s one of my favorite canvases for my less techy, more soulful sharing. Sometimes I feel like a bit of Jekyll and Hyde, having a techie’s brain and a soul sister’s heart.

It’s also a fun place to experiment with how far I can extend Squarespace and keep up with new features as they release them.